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About Us

Hello. My name is Paul Settle, owner and operator of Paul’s Barber Shop. I am a licensed barber who is dedicated to the tradition of classic American barbering. I don’t take appointments but I’m confident that you’ll find my hours to be quite convenient. In late 2011, I expanded my shop from it’s old location in Lexington to a larger space in the Airport Tech Plaza at the intersection of Wattling Rd. and Platt Springs Rd. in West Columbia. My new location has great parking and is “easy in, and easy out.”

Walking into Paul’s Barber Shop is like stepping into simpler time. I like to think of my shop as the quintessential classic American barber shop with an updated feel. While you wait for your turn in my vintage Koken Triumph barber chair (the one with the ashtrays, back when smoking was allowed in the barbershop) you can play checkers on a genuine 1950’s checker board, shoot a game of pool with a friend (customers only, please), watch tv on the large flat screen, or just relax in an authentic early 1900’s solid oak church pew. Also, don’t forget to check out my original 1950’s Marvy #55 barber pole while you are here.

As in all good “regular” barber shops, the atmosphere here at Paul’s is laid-back and informal. Wear what you want and check your worries at the door. When you get to “the chair” just clearly explain what you want and I will give you a precision haircut to your exact specifications using tried and true barber techniques. If something is not quite right, let me know and I will make it right.

Thanks for visiting my website! I look forward to seeing you at the shop and remember – “Real men go to barbershops. All others go to salons!”


P.S. Ever wonder why the barber pole looks the way it does? Well, that goes way back many years, when barbers were surgeons. The red in the pole signifies blood, the white signifies bandages, and the blue signifies veins. Back in the day, barber-surgeons used to do things like bloodletting and they would hang their bandages on a pole that patients would grip while the procedure was being done. Over time, the bandages would get twisted around the pole, giving it that “candy cane” appearance we all know of today. There you go, now you know.

Paul’s now carries Parker double edge razors, and blades along with award winning men-u shave cream and shaving brushes. Stop in to see the selection.